Hello Dragon Masters,

to help you breed strategically given the recent updates to Breeding, we have compiled some information to share with you on how breeding works as of today (March 2021).

Basic Breeding:

Whenever you breed 2 dragons, there are several possible child outcomes. These outcomes are dependent on the elements of the parents selected.

First, one element is picked from each parent, and then a dragon is selected from the child possibility pool for these two elements. Only 1 element from each parent is selected during breeding. This means that the more elements the selected parents have, the more possible element combinations, and the larger pool of potential outcomes.

Boosted Breeding:

If the selected parents have a high rarity and/or are empowered, you will have more chances of obtaining the dragons in the possibility pool with highest rarities.
Moreover, if the rarities and stars are high enough you might unlock better possible dragons to receive as children (this is the green bar that you see when you select 2 dragons on the breeding screen). High rarity and empowered dragons give a boost to the chances of obtaining dragons with the 2 highest rarities in a child possibility pool.

Note: If unlocked and activated, the Phaun Tower applies an additional multiplier to the weights of those dragons. Specifically, it multiplies the weights of the dragons with the 2 highest rarities by 3.


Does anything else about the parents effect the outcome of breeding? (specific dragon, dragon level, additional elements etc.)
They do not. As of today, the fundamental factors that impact breeding are parent elements, rarity, empower level. As well as any external boost applied (ie: Phaun Tower).

How do these breeding boosts affect things like Sanctuary exclusives and the Breeding Island?
When breeding in the Sanctuary or Breeding Island: a feature exclusive outcome will be attempted first. If the attempt at the sanctuary/island exclusive breed is unsuccessful, breeding then proceeds as it would with the same parents in the Breeding Cave or Breeding Tree.

How does the functionality of Phaun Tower now compare to how it worked before Breeding Reborn?
Prior to Breeding Reborn, the Phaun Tower inverted the base odds of breeding pools. Due to changes in the base pools & odds released with Breeding Reborn, the tower functionality was reworked to maintain balance with other dragon sources in the game. As of March 2, 2021 the tower instead applies an odds multiplier (multiplies the weight of the highest rarity outcomes in a pool by 3).

Did the update change anything in the Ancient World Breeding?
No, Breeding Reborn did not change anything in the Ancient World.

We hope that provides some valuable insight on how breeding works!

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