Connecting your game to Facebook is really easy:

The first time you open the App, you will get a pop-up requesting you to connect to Facebook, accept the request and follow the instructions given by the App itself.

If by mistake you declined to do so, don’t panic as there is another way. 

First, finish the tutorial (which will not take longer than a couple of minutes), then follow the steps as explained below:

1. Click on the Options button (Upper right corner) and click on Login.

2. Click on "Login with Facebook and get 10 gems".

3. Your Facebook account will appear as default as the first option, click on “Continue with FB PROGRESS”.

4. Please be careful NOT to choose the wrong account, for example, the second option is the account which is just level 2, and as the App tells you, it is NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

5. If you mistakenly choose the low level account, the App will warn you, please click “NO” to exit and then select the Facebook account.

We recommend connecting your game via Facebook as this will save all the data on your profile, which will help transfer your game across if you buy a new device or in the worst case scenario, you lose it. 


If you can not see the login to Facebook button in the settings, you would have indicated to us recently via the game that you are not of an age required to have access to to this feature.

In line with our new terms and conditions which are active from May 25th 2018 you will no longer be able to access Facebook from the Game.