The Dragon Book is a place where you can see all the dragons in Dragon City and even claim some great rewards!

There are two main sections inside the book:
1) Collections
2) Dragons

In order to become a Dragon Master, you obviously need to get more Dragons.
The collection helps guide you towards your journey of becoming a Dragon Master.

It contains lists of Dragons that you need to obtain to complete an album.
Tap on the Album to see which Dragons you need to collect to complete that collection.

By completing each of the albums you will receive some well earned rewards.
To see all of the rewards for a specific album, just tap on the rewards banner.

Here you will find the list of all of the Dragons that are available in the game.

- If you see their picture in full color, it means you already own that Dragon.
- If you see it greyed out, you haven't collected that dragon yet.
- If you see a yellow timer over the dragon's picture, it means they are on SALE. Hurry up and grab one!

You can also filter the list by:

- Rarity
- Elements
- Source
- Owned/ Not Owned/ Store / All

Using the Book will help you keep track of your Dragons and your progress to becoming a real Dragon Master.