So you want to have more space for your Dragons?
Let’s explain how you can purchase more islands below:

Expanding on your Island:
The island that you are currently building on would need all of the expansions unlocked before you can purchase the next one.

You can purchase the expansions by:
- Tapping on Expand
- Here you can tap on the expansion button to purchase a new slot
You can also purchase a new slot by tapping on the “For Sale” signs on the islands.

Purchasing a new Island:
Before being able to Expand onto a new Island, you need to **Unlock** it.

You can do this by:
- Tapping the Shop icon in the bottom right of the screen
- Tapping on Expand
- Here you can tap on “Unlock Next Island”

Once the Island is Unlocked, you will get the first piece of land and you will be allowed to start expanding normally.

You may find Rocks, Trees and Bushes in the way, that stop you from placing your new Buildings.
You will need to remove these to place them and this is really simple:
1) Tap on the obstacle
2) Make sure you have enough Gold to clear them
3) Tap on clear
4) Wait for the timer OR speed them up with Gems

Below the list of all of the Islands we currently have in game:
- Lush Island
- Lava Island
- Ivory Island
- Desert Island
- Skull Island
- Rainbow Island
- Ice Island
- Gothic Island
- Rune Island 
- Futuristic Island
- Moon Island