To purchase a new Island, you need to unlock all expansions on your current Island.
Tap on a 'FOR SALE' sign in one of the expansion areas and use Gold or Gems to obtain this expansion area.
Expansion discounts are also available from time to time; a red '%' symbol will appear in your expansion areas during this period.

Once you have obtained all available expansions on your current Island, a new Island will appear with the same 'FOR SALE' sign.
Tap this sign to purchase the Island with Gems.

Islands currently in-game:

  • Lush Island
  • Lava Island
  • Ivory Island
  • Desert Island
  • Skull Island
  • Rainbow Island
  • Ice Island
  • Gothic Island
  • Rune Island
  • Futuristic Island
  • Moon Island
  • Tempest Island
  • Jurassic Island
  • Chronos Island