✨ “A puff of thick, black smoke fills the Habitat while cackles from a sinister dimension echo from corner to corner. A small, hooded dragon and his fanged accomplice scutter out of sight into the night, leaving their victims to perish in the darkness.


Young, inexperienced dragons shouldn’t play around with the dark forces of Dragon City, but the High Voodoo Vampire Dragon and the High Occult Titan weren’t like most. Ever since they were small, they felt drawn to each other – the perfect partners in crime! You could say that these two were joined at the hip; they were constantly getting in trouble for dabbling in darker magic, which has always been completely off-limits.


Dragon City had just started building itself back up again following a serious incident with the Tree of Life; it couldn’t afford another mishap so soon. Seeing the evil between Occult & Voodoo fester and grow, a group of Heroic dragons banded together to intervene – not many Heroics had existed back then, but Yggdrasil himself was in no fit state to assist.


The Heroics came up with a proposal for this dark duo, with the hope of finally driving a wedge between them. By each sacrificing some of their own power, they would bestow one of these evil dragons with a coveted Heroic status. An offer like this would be hard to say no to, and what could go wrong, Heroics always fought for the good team, right? Either Occult or Voodoo would become selfless and moral, and hopefully lead their partner down the right path. Dragon Masters looking back on these ancient times know that such hypotheses are far from the truth!


But who got to decide who became a Heroic dragon? That was the best bit… It was up to Occult and Voodoo! And if all else failed, what better way to break up a partnership than pure jealousy? One of them would be something that the other would never become.


Unsurprisingly, the bond between the two was stronger than first thought. They both declined instantly, laughing in the face of these old Heroics. They were a team ready to master the art of darkness together, just like they had always agreed.


That night, however, a young dragon secretly paid these Heroics a visit. They had gone to learn more about this ‘offer’, maybe they shouldn’t waste such an opportunity; after all, becoming a Heroic dragon is everyone’s dream…


The following part of the story is still unclear. No one really knows what happened during the Heroic ceremony. All that witnesses saw was a menacing, hooded figure fleeing into the night as a group of Heroics lay injured on the floor.


Voodoo has never forgotten how Occult betrayed him. He is determined to make Occult pay for what he did. And Voodoo may have got his Heroic status in less ‘conventional’ ways – let’s just say that these Heroic dragons are no longer around to tell the tale – but now he’s returned stronger than before with a vendetta more personal than ever.


Find his new Blood Skill Skin in the Voodoo’s Return collection and start preparing for the fight of the century… There are rumors that Occult is in training; maybe we haven’t seen the last of him yet either.” ✨