✨ ” Some dragons are flyers, others are walkers;

Some live in a cave, and others underwater.

Some dragons have wings, whether big or small;

And remember that some might not have any at all!

Some dragons are sturdy, others are speedy;

Sometimes they are scaley, or maybe even furry!

Here in Dragon City, there are no bad surprises;

Because we love that dragons come in all shapes and sizes!


For as long as they could remember, the Drag-On Dragon had always been labeled. They were constantly being shoved into boxes that didn’t quite represent them.


“You’re a Happy dragon, why aren’t you smiling?”; aren’t even Happy dragons allowed their down days?

“You don’t look like a Beauty dragon…”; doesn’t beauty come in many forms?

“You shouldn’t breathe ice flames in front of baby dragons, best stick to good ol’ fire.”; don’t dragons have all types of skills and abilities?


These are just some of the remarks that Drag-On regularly heard growing up. Drag-On never really felt like they fitted in. They often wanted to try new elemental fighting techniques, train new attacks, and try on different battle outfits; but if these didn’t fit with the norm, Drag-On was laughed at and shunned.


Seeing how Drag-On was being held back, a group of noble Heroic dragons bravely stood up for Drag-On and supported them in becoming who they wanted to be.

Having also faced their own personal battles against prejudices, High Commander, High Queen, and High Positivity, rallied together to spread this important message of diversity and inclusion.

With the support of others, Drag-On was finally able to embark on their path of self-discovery! They played dress-up with the iconic Avant-Garde Dragon, they honed their Happy attacks with the High Cinco Dragon, and they grew more confident in themselves every day.


Years later, now stronger, wiser, and prouder than ever before, Drag-On also became an important figure for other dragons, as well as for Nox, whom they could look up to for guidance and support – Dragon City has become a place of love and kindness thanks to Drag-On’s brave steps towards free expression.


So no matter who you choose to be, how you feel inside or out, and who you want to love, there’ll always be a place alongside Drag-On in Dragon City for you."