✨ “A Dragon Master says goodnight to their newly-hatched dragon, leaving the wide-eyed baby to get some rest. They smile to themselves, knowing what valiant adventures lie ahead for this little one and the heroic deeds it will surely accomplish.

*Squelch*... The Dragon Master stands in something slimy on their way out from the Habitat; a trail of purple gloop. They take no notice – it's probably nothing to worry about.

The thing about whispers is that they thrive in the minds of the innocent. The younger the host, the more susceptible their mind is to corruption. And sadly, once they've worked their way inside, there's no escape.

This particular baby dragon was never seen again. Gone, forever. And the High Whisperer Dragon now had one more puppet under his corrupted tentacles.

You might think living your whole life in a dark, watery abyss is enough to make anyone go crazy, but Whisperer's level of corruption was something unheard of in Dragon City. Had he been born this way or had something terrible happened to him?

His species were one of the first signs of underwater life. From single-cell organisms to complex creatures, Whisperer has always been there, lying dormant in the trenches. He's seen everything. He's observed dragon evolution and witnessed the dragon's first steps onto land. But with great miracles of nature also come the inherent principles of greed, anger, violence, disloyalty...

He saw first-hand the innate corruption that lies within us all. Dragons cheat, lie, fight, hurt each other... Is this what the Dragonverse really had to offer? A bunch of inexperienced beasts mindlessly fighting in the Arenas or racing for Gold? Whisperer had seen enough; he knew his whispers could save everyone...from themselves. If dragons just conformed to his ideals, he knows there'd be less pain among us.

Whispering into the ears of the susceptible was an effective but slow process; he needed others to also do his dirty work for him... The Cult Priestess Dragon was his first loyal recruit, followed by his own corrupted creation, the Tentacle Amalgam Dragon. But Whisperer still lacked the sheer force to grow his family of puppets.

Experienced Dragon Masters know the story from here. His Clan of Corrupted Titans still proves to be one of our biggest threats.

Every day they bring him one step closer to having everyone and everything under his control, making the world a ‘better place’, free from dragon nature.”