Hello, Dragon Masters.

As you know, on January 30th, we released the Alliance Chest Update, giving the Alliance Chest system some much-needed improvements. Now, a few Alliance Chests later, we’re ready to keep fine-tuning these changes to offer you the best playing experience, so we’re bringing you the Alliance Chest Update 2.0

Here’s what you need to know:


Temporary pause of the Level-Up Chest

During the last few Alliance Chests, we detected technical issues that meant players had trouble with the Level-Up Alliance Chest, from not receiving the right amount of points for feeding their dragons to the game reloading when trying to feed a dragon during the first few hours of the Chest. 

To address these issues, we will temporarily swap the Level-Up Alliance Chest for a Leagues Alliance Chest. This way, you will still have 4 different Alliance Chests while we work on fixing the Level-Up Chest.

Again, this will be a temporary change, and we will keep you updated about when the Level-Up Chest will be available again in the future.


Reward changes

Due to the return of the Leagues Chest, and in line with the improvements we’re making, we will be changing some of the rewards found in the Chests: during this time, the Arenas Chest will reward Gems and Trade Essences (the original rewards of the Level-Up Chest), and the Leagues Chest will reward Food and Missing Dragon Rescue Keys (the original rewards of the Arenas Chest).