Not Yet Installed status

If you see an offer that has the status "not yet installed", it means that you have not installed the game yet or that your initial install did not take place via our Offerwall.

If the game/app is installed already on your device but you still see the “not yet installed” status, this means the install was not linked to the offer, and you will not be able to complete the Task and get the reward!
Installed status
The “installed” status indicates that the Offer was successfully installed and you can start working on completing it. If you have completed an offer but the status is still “installed”, even after a few hours, you should contact IronSource Customer Support: click on the specific Offer, scroll down and click on the Missing rewards link.
Blocked status
If an offer is marked as blocked, it means that the Task is no longer eligible for completion.
The Blocked status may appear due to a number of reasons:
  • Exceeding the allowed time to complete the Task;
  • You did not originally install the offer via our Offerwall (install is attributed to a different source);
  • You have already completed a different Task by the same title;
  • Our system detected potential fraudulent behavior.
Completed status
If an offer is marked as completed, it means you successfully completed the requirements, and that a completion confirmation was sent to the publisher (Dragon City) to reward you.

It is up to the app publisher to give the rewards.
If the rewards do not appear,  you should relaunch the app. If after relaunching, you still do not see the reward, you should contact our Customer Support (
Pending support status

You’ll see this status if you’ve opened a ticket and the ticket did not get an initial response yet.
We respond to tickets within 24 hours, so the reason for this could be:
  • You contacted us less than 24 hours ago;
  • You did not confirm your email address (necessary for the ticket opening process)
Please, remember that you can find your Customer Support Ticket number on the right side of your screen.
Denied status
This Status means that a ticket was opened and denied by us (in the initial response within 24h).
A Task being marked denied will not prevent you from completing it once you have met all the requirements.