“✨ Being born into a magical dragon family isn’t always cool spells and prank potions…
Although Magic-element dragons pride themselves on their higher intelligence and self-awareness, these environments come with a lot of added pressure, something the High Arcane Dragon was far too familiar with.

Arcane’s life was already set out for him before he even learned to walk. He went to the best Magic schools, supported by unlimited funding – thanks to his family’s shady dealings of Magic battle secrets with someone whose name he’d only ever seen signed as Voodoo. V.
And to top it all off, a bribed scholarship.

Arcane was cleverer than most, but he always did wonder how his overbearing parents managed to secure him an exclusive place in the coveted Magi Guild.

Top of his class, Arcane quickly rose up through the ranks. From student to professor to Guild Leader – he was right where he wanted to be… Or rather, where his family wanted him to be.

One perk of the job was access to the Guild’s forbidden Magic books. These darker materials weren’t meant for present-day teaching, but Arcane eagerly consumed every wicked word. Along with the added pressures of running an elite school, Arcane needed to escape the prison that now surrounded him. He could no longer control the dark thoughts that clouded his mind – it was time to go rogue.

Natura 🌿, Rime ❄️, and Storm 🌪️ were saddened to see their Leader leave – a sudden exit like this was worrying, however, they were too focused on taking over this respected position to give it much thought. Who do you think is capable of filling Arcane’s shoes?

Eventually, things returned to normal, but did we ever find out what happened to this missing Guild Leader?

Recent reports say he has reconnected with an old family friend; something about returning the power of Magic back to the bloodthirsty Heroics. An ex-student is also said to have run away to join their cause. 🔥”