Element Habitats require your dragon to have the same element as the Habitat in order to be placed inside.

Time-element dragons can be placed in any Habitat.

Element Habitats currently in-game:

  • Flame
  • Terra
  • Sea
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Light
  • Dark
  • War
  • Metal
  • Pure
  • Primal
  • Legend
  • Wind
  • Beauty
  • Soul
  • Dream
  • Happy
  • Chaos
  • Magic

There are also special Habitats that have special characteristics:

  • Kindergarten: this Habitat can house any dragon and keeps your dragon in its baby form.
  • Rainbow Habitat: this Habitat can house any dragon and has a much larger occupancy rate than other Habitats.
  • Divine Orbs Habitat: you will receive this Habitat upon unlocking the Divine Pass. It can house any dragon and produces dragon Orbs when your Divine Pass is activated.