Hello Dragon Masters,

After a few years without any major changes, we are happy to announce that the Alliance Chests are getting a well-deserved update!

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Alliance Chests:

New Chest type

From now on, there will be a new type of Alliance Chest: the League Alliance Chest will be replaced by a Level Up Alliance Chest, for which you will earn points every time you level up your dragons by feeding them. 

In this Chest, players will earn points proportional to their level and the amount of Food used to level up their dragons. 

Alliance Chest points

For all Alliance Chests, the distribution of Chests per points has been updated; the number of points required to reach higher-level Chests will now have a more linear progression.

New Chest rewards

We’ve changed the rewards that some of the Alliance Chests give:

  • The Arenas Chest will now give Food and Missing Dragon Rescue keys, instead of Gems.
  • The Level Up Chest will now give Gems, instead of the League Chest rewards, and Trading Essences.
  • The Egg Hatching Chest will now give Food and Joker Orbs.
  • The Breeding Chest will still give the Chest’s specific dragon Orbs and Trading Essences.

Additionally, the Chest rewards have been updated from level to level so that the amount of rewards has a more gradual progression. This way, all Alliances, no matter their size or the level of their members, will have better chances of getting better rewards.