Before revealing the exciting upcoming events, we’d like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! Thank you for joining your ferocious but also irresistibly cute dragons for another year of adventures and fun.

Which stories will mark the beginning of 2023?!



29 Dec - Jan 9: Dragons Reborn Maze Island
New Dragon: Cactispine Dragon

29 Dec - 26 Jan: Divine Pass: Arcana Season 2 - Wheel of Fortune
New Dragon: Arcana Wheel Dragon

30 Dec - 4 Jan: Dragons Reborn Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Polipurge Dragon

4 Jan - Jan 8: Dragons Reborn Runner Island
New Dragon: Scoville Dragon

9 Jan - 14 Jan: Assassi-nation Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Silent Slay Dragon

9 Jan - 16 Jan: Assassi-nation Grid Island
New Dragon: Fast Feline Dragon

14 Jan - 18 Jan: Assassi-nation Runner Island
New Dragon: Scorpiate Dragon

16 Jan - 19 Jan: Assassi-nation Maze Island
New Dragon: Anaconductor Dragon

19 Jan - 30 Jan: Race to Stardom Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Five Dragon

21 Jan - 24 Jan: Race to Stardom Fog Island 
New Dragon: Gatekeeper Dragon 

25 Jan - 29 Jan: Race to Stardom Maze Island
New Dragon: Twinkle Dragon

26 Jan - 23 Feb: Divine Pass: Arcana Season 3 - The High Priestess
New Dragon: Arcana Priestess Dragon

30 Jan - 2 Feb: Forest of Life Tower Island
New Dragon: Summon Dragon