Hello Dragon Masters,

We are excited to introduce you to Arenas 2.0, keep reading to find out what’s new!

New Arenas, New Rules, New Rewards!

Seasonal Structure

  • We have replaced Arenas 8+ (currently Nature I) with all-new Arenas
  • These new Arenas are seasonal and come with new Arena rules
    • A Season last for two weeks
    • At the end of the Season, there is a partial Trophy reset
    • Each season has new Arena rules and rewards


  • To counterbalance the partial seasonal reset, players will now earn more Trophies
  • To help players reach the new seasonal Arenas, this increase in Trophy gain will also affect the unchanged Arenas (Beginner, Terra, Flame, and Sea) 

More Rewards

In addition to the Arenas, we’ve also updated the rewards:

  • Warrior’s Chests:
    • You can now earn twice as many Warrior’s Chests as before!
    • Collect all Warrior’s Chests to guarantee you exclusive dragons. These dragons change per Season
    • The higher you progress, the better the rewards in Warrior’s Chests
  • Masters Arena Rewards
    • We’ve added new reward tiers that really reward you for being the best Dragon Master!
      New tiers are: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4-30, 31+

Remember that rewards are accumulative, meaning you will receive all the rewards for your tier as well as those below you!

Season 1 Details

  • Game Rules - Our first Season is focused on boosting pairs of elements and opening up different strategic options for cunning Dragon Masters
  • Dragon Rewards - In addition to their other rewards, Warrior’s Chests now contain guaranteed dragon Orbs based upon the Arena you are in;
    • Arenas 8+ ->  Icetrek Dragon
    • Arenas 14+ ->  Echo Terror Dragon & Icetrek Dragon
  • Players in the Master Arenas will also get end-of-Season rewards, including Orbs of the Broodby Dragon