Hey Dragon Masters,

Dragon City is partnering up with your favorite television show, AMC’s The Walking Dead!
For such a special occasion, we are bringing some of the show’s most famous characters to the Dragonverse.

The Negan, Michonne, Maggie, Rick, Carol, and Daryl dragons are here to help you survive this outbreak of walkers!

Want to know more about this exciting collab? Let’s check it out!

How long will this partnership between Dragon City and AMC’s The Walking Dead last?

This event will officially start on Monday, 12th September, at 12 PM CEST, and end on Monday, 7th November, at 12 PM CEST.

How can I obtain exclusive The Walking Dead dragons?

The Walking Dead Dragons are a VIP family.

The Negan Dragon, the Maggie Dragon, the Rick Dragon, and the Carol Dragon will be released one by one; available in an Offer on the day of each dragon’s release (check the release calendar below for more info) and in the Breeding Island.

Additionally, every two weeks, you’ll find a special The Walking Dead Collection Offer in-game, which gives you a chance to obtain the dragon released the previous week. Try your luck!

The Michonne Dragon will be available in Michonne Quests. Complete these Quests to collect enough Orbs of the Michonne Dragon to Summon her. And remember, there are no requirements needed to take part, so don’t miss out!

If you complete The Walking Dead collection by collecting all 5 previous dragons, you will receive the Daryl Dragon for FREE before the end of the event.

What are the special skills of The Walking Dead dragons?
All dragons in this family come with their unique Bunker Skill, exclusive only to them: it deals damage to the opponent and reduces damage dealt to the user and allies for several turns.

Using ‘Bunker’ will prevent critical damage from super effective attacks and will also reduce damage from attacks of non-critical element match-ups by 25%.

In addition to their Bunker Skill, each The Walking Dead Dragon also comes with their own secondary skill:
  • Negan Dragon > Vampire Bat: Steals life points from the opponent
  • Maggie Dragon > Safe-Zone Serenity: Heals all allies somewhat
  • Rick Dragon > Machete Mayhem: Damage is dealt to another opponent if your current target is knocked out
  • Carol Dragon > Kingdom’s Gambit: Deals damage with the chance of giving an extra turn
  • Michonne Dragon > Katannihilation: Deals damage to all opponents
  • Daryl Dragon > Crossbow Commando: Hits 4 to 6 times

When is each The Walking Dead dragon going to be released?

Here are the release dates:

Sept, 12th - Sept, 19th: Negan Dragon
Where? In-game Offer & Breeding Island

Sept, 25th - Oct, 3rd: Maggie Dragon
Where? In-game Offer & Breeding Island

Oct, 10th - Oct, 17th:
Rick Dragon
Where? In-game Offer & Breeding Island

Oct, 24th - Oct, 31st: Carol Dragon
Where? In-game Offer & Breeding Island

Sept, 12th - Nov, 7th: Michonne Dragon
Complete Michonne Quests to collect enough Orbs of the Michonne Dragon and summon her.

Daryl Dragon:
Collect all 5 previous dragons to receive the Daryl Dragon for FREE!