Hello Dragon Masters,

Summer's about to end, but the fun on Dragon City shall never stop!  Check out the new list of upcoming events and get ready for a September full of exciting adventures! 🤩

25 Aug - 22 Sep: Divine Pass: Redemption – Season 6: Brutal Bonds
New Dragon: Redemption Brutality Dragon

29 Aug - 1 Sep:
Maze of Clubs (Four of a Kind)
New Dragon: Clubs Dragon

1 Sep - 12 Sep:
Treasure Hunters Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Treasure Dragon

3 Sep - 6 Sep:
Treasure Temple Fog Island (Treasure Hunters)
New Dragon: Shovel Dragon

7 Sep - 11 Sep:
Pickaxe Pyramid Maze Island (Treasure Hunters)
New Dragon: Pickaxe Dragon

12 Sep - 15 Sep:
Tower of Screams Island (Library of Shadows)
New Dragon: Screamer Dragon

15 Sep - 26 Sep:
Library of Shadows Maze Island
New Dragon: DragOni Dragon

16 Sep - 21 Sep:
Library of Shadows Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Tentacularian Dragon

21 Sep - 25 Sep:
Run of Storms Island (Library of Shadows)
New Dragon: Aelo Dragon

22 Sep - 20 Oct:
Divine Pass: Redemption - Season 7: Reaper's Wrath
New Dragon: Redemption Wrath Dragon

26 Sep - 1 Oct:
Lanterns of Hope Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Lanternfinder Dragon

26 Sep - 3 Oct:
Lanterns of Hope Grid Island
New Dragon: Lustre Dragon