Hello Dragon Masters,

Ready to dive into a new month full of exciting events? Join your dragons on a brand new set of adventures! 🚢

Let’s take a look at the list of upcoming events and meet the new dragons ready to accompany you this August! 😎

28 Jul - 8 Aug: Rulers of the Sky Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Seven Dragon

28 Jul - 25 Aug: Divine Pass: Redemption - Season 5: Whispers of the Wulf
New Dragon: Redemption Wulf Dragon

30 Jul - 2 Aug: Cranium Castle Fog Island (Rulers of the Sky)
New Dragon: Cranium Dragon

3 Aug - 7 Aug: Sky Peak Maze Island (Rulers of the Sky)
New Dragon: Beakaneer Dragon

8 Aug - 11 Aug: Empress Tower Island (Dimensional Shift)
New Dragon: Cytherean Empress Dragon

11 Aug - 22 Aug: Maze of Dimensions (Dimensional Shift)
New Dragon: Iron Glider Dragon

12 Aug - 17 Aug: Dimensional Shift Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Chaos Reign Dragon

17 Aug - 21 Aug: Renaissance Runner Island (Dimensional Shift)
New Dragon: Renaissance Dragon

22 Aug - 27 Aug: Four of a Kind Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Spades Dragon

22 Aug - 29 Aug: Four of a Kind Grid Island
New Dragon: Diamonds Dragon

25 Aug - 22 Sep: Divine Pass: Redemption - Season 6: Brutal Bonds
New Dragon: Redemption Brutality Dragon

27 Aug - 31 Aug: Run of Hearts (Four of a Kind)
New Dragon: Hearts Dragon

29 Aug - 1 Sep: Maze of Clubs (Four of a Kind)
New Dragon: Clubs Dragon