Hello Dragon Masters,

We are excited to introduce three new Combat Perks along with Perks rarities.

If you’re not too familiar with Perks or need a quick refresh, check out our previous FAQ about the first Perk that was introduced last year: the Breeding Boost Perk.

Before diving into the details, we’d like to clarify that we are still in the process of testing the new Combat Perks, therefore they won’t be available to all of you just yet, but only to a small group of random players… So, if you’re not able to obtain them just yet, don’t worry, we’ll let you know soon when you can get your hands on them!

What are Combat Perks?
Like the previous Breeding Boost Perks, Combat Perks are equipable items that you can attach to your dragon to increase its combat performance in various ways.

There is a maximum number of Perks that you can attach to a dragon, depending on the Perk rarity and the type of Perk.

Together with the Combat Perks, you will also see Perks rarities being introduced!

How do I obtain the Combat Perks?
Initially, you will be able to obtain them from Quests, Offers, or Chests. You will also be given some Combat Perks upon their release so you can test them out! We will later expand their availability, meaning you’ll be able to obtain them from the different in-game events as well.

What are Perks rarities and how do they work?
Perks rarities are similar to dragon rarities.

Depending on the rarity, your Perk could be:
  • Super powerful but more difficult to obtain; use these Perks wisely, Dragon Masters!
  • Easy to find but not quite as powerful; good things come in small packages (see next point 😉)
  • Attached to a dragon multiple times! More Perks of a lower rarity can be attached to a dragon than higher rarity Perks, meaning no matter what rarity of Perk you have, they all come in handy!
There are 3 Perk rarities:
  • Basic Perks (easier to obtain, multiple can be attached)
  • Advanced Perks
  • Pro Perks (difficult to obtain, only a few can be attached)

How many Combat Perks are we introducing?
We are introducing three Combat Perks (for now… 😏):
  • Damage Perk
  • Health Perk
  • Phoenix Perk
Each of these improves your dragon’s combat performance in different ways! These initial Perks are simple enough to kick off your Combat Perk journey and allow us to test their implementation, however, stay tuned for plenty more exciting and unique Perk abilities coming soon!

Damage Perk
The Damage Perk is a Basic Perk that increases the base damage stat of the dragon, causing it to deal more damage.

As a Basic Perk, multiple Damage Perks can be attached to a dragon and it is easy to obtain.

Health Perk
The Health Perk is a Basic Perk that increases the health stat of the dragon.

As a Basic Perk, multiple Health Perks can be attached to a dragon and it is easy to obtain.

Phoenix Perk
The Phoenix Perk is a Pro Perk, and as such, it is more difficult to obtain and only a few can be attached to a dragon.

The Phoenix Perk allows your dragon to revive once per battle. Once your dragon has been revived, the battle resumes from the same point where it left off, maintaining the same turn order and effects.

How does the Phoenix Perk interact with the Reincarnation skill?
As you know, some dragons (e.g. the Redemption dragon family) have the Reincarnation skill.
Upon knockout, a defeated ally will be revived, or healed, if no allies are knocked out

If your dragon has both the Reincarnation skill and a Phoenix Perk attached, upon its first-time knockout, this dragon will revive a defeated ally and then itself will also be revived. The battle resumes from the same point where it left off.

Remember, both the Reincarnation skill and the Phoenix Perk can only be used once per battle.

We will keep you updated on the global release, in the meantime, feel free to share your ideas, feedback, and suggestions, this will help us to tweak things before these new Perks and their rarities go global!