Hello Dragon Masters,

Welcome to the Breeding Boost Perks! These Perks are just the first of many other Boosting Perks that will be released in the near future!

Now, let’s answer some questions to find out what Perks are!

What is a Perk?
A Perk is an equipable item that you can attach to any dragon. The first Perk we are releasing is the Breeding Boost Perk. When attached to a dragon, this Perk will improve the dragon’s chances of breeding higher rarity offspring!

Where can I find the Breeding Boost Perk?
The Breeding Perks can be found in a new Quest called “Nox’s Perk Pursuit” .
In the future, Perks may be available from other sources.
Perks are unlocked at level 14 along with the new Quest: “Nox’s Perk Pursuit”.

Will there be other types of Perks?
Yes :). Stand by for future releases!

Can I stack Perks?
Yes! There is a maximum of Perks that you can attach to a dragon, depending on its rarity and the type of Perk.

Can Perks be removed from a dragon?

For now, Perks cannot be removed from a dragon once they are attached to one, except in the case that the dragon is sold or recalled. In this case, the dragon's Perk/s will return to your Perk inventory.

Will Perks be available anywhere else?
For now, Perks are exclusive to the Nox’s Perk Pursuit Quest and cannot be obtained elsewhere in the game.

How exactly will the Breeding Boost Perk improve the breeding odds for my dragon?
Every dragon has a maximum number of each Perk type that can be attached to it, based on the dragon’s rarity. Each Perk attached will add a small boost to the existing breeding boost that is currently impacted only by parent rarity and Empowerment.  The total breeding boost is indicated by the breeding bar in your breeding locations, with green representing the impact of rarity + Empowerment, and yellow representing the addition of the Breeding Boost Perk.

How will Breeding Boost Perks interact with the Phaun Tower?
If the Phaun Tower is active, the Phaun multiplier will be applied after any other breeding boost, including the increase created by any Breeding Boost Perks attached to the selected parents.

How can I suggest Perks that I’d like to see in the future?
We’d love to get your ideas about what Perks to make next! For this reason, we have created a new Perk-related channel on our official Discord Server!

Feel free to share your ideas, feedback, suggestions etc., and our Development Team will check it out.