Dear Dragon Masters,

Let us introduce to you the new Divine Orbs Habitat!

Before getting into the details, we’d like to clarify that we are still in the process of testing this new Habitat to guarantee you the best performance, therefore it won’t be available to all of you just yet… So, if you’re unable to obtain it right now, don’t worry, soon you will be able to and we’ll let you know!

Now, the juicy details!

What is the Divine Orbs Habitat?

It is a new Habitat. Each player can only own one Divine Orbs Habitat.
Each player receives one Divine Orbs Habitat when unlocking the  Divine Pass  at level 20.

What are the main characteristics of the Divine Orbs Habitat?

First of all, this Habitat is element-neutral, meaning it can hold dragons of all elements!

But what’s so special about it? When you purchase the Premium Divine Pass, the Habitat will also start producing Orbsof dragons until the end of the current Season! A timer will remind you of when the Season’s end is approaching.

If your Premium Divine Pass is not active, it won’t produce any Orbs, but you can still use it to hold dragons.

What kind of Orbs will the Divine Orbs Habitat produce when active?

The Habitat will produce random Orbs of dragons of all rarities. By placing your favorite dragons inside, you will then drastically increase the chance of producing Orbs of these dragons! Isn’t that amazing?

We hope you enjoy testing out the new Divine Orbs Habitat!
If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to share this with us on our social media or Discord Server - inside the channel dedicated to the Divine Pass!
Your feedback will help us tweak any final improvements before worldwide release!