Dear Dragon Masters,

We are pleased to announce the release of the second phase of our Dragon Mastery feature!

Dragon Mastery will now have new tasks and rewards for you!

What do I need to know about the release of the second phase of Dragon Mastery?

The Dragon Mastery feature is still in its testing phase, meaning that you will all have access to the second phase, but with different content and rewards.

To ensure the best experience for players, we are collecting data by running an A/B Test. This will divide our Community of players into 3 testing groups. Depending on the group you are automatically assigned to, you will have access to different content. More information will be available inside the in-game pop-ups!

Don’t worry, the test won’t run forever… Once we have completed our testing phase, all players will receive the same new content in the end.

What’s the purpose of the test?

The test will allow us to gather important information about the feature, which will help us as we continually update and improve it moving forward. Thus, we thank you for your patience while figuring out what works best!

What’s new in Dragon Mastery - phase 2?

Dragon Mastery phase 2 will add a ton of fresh Breeding Tasks...and, of course, new rewards!

Depending on your test group, you will either have all of the new Chest rewards, or some of the new Chest rewards as well as a new Collection!

What do we mean by “new Collection”?

Some of you will have access to the new Mastery Collection!

This collection will require you to collect a new item, Nyx’s Trophies, to obtain exclusive prizes.

Please, remember to update your game to the latest version to gain access to this Collection! Otherwise, any of Nyx’s Trophies earned in the Mastery feature before reaching level 7 will not be claimable for collection rewards.
Last but not least, we really value your opinion! So, feel free to share your feedback on this feature, either on our official social media channels or on our official Discord server (#Dragon-Mastery Channel)!

Thank you for your attention,

Your Dragon City Team