Dear Dragon Masters,

We are excited to announce the Beta release of Dragon Mastery!

This feature can be found on a new page in your Dragon Book where you can earn exclusive rewards for collecting dragons! Simply check on the left what kind of dragon you need to collect, and then on the right, you can see your task progress and the reward up for grabs.

Completing Dragon Mastery tasks also awards Master Points, so be sure to complete as many as you can to move up the leaderboards!

To begin with, Dragon Mastery Beta will be launching as an A/B Test so we can gather important information about the feature and ensure the best possible experience moving forward. This means it won’t be available to all users right away. If you can’t see the feature yet, please have patience as we work towards the full release.

And last but not least, Dragon Mastery is in the Beta stage, meaning that there is more content planned for the feature! You can expect more tasks, and more importantly, a new type of never-seen reward in Dragon City, so keep an eye on this feature for future updates!

Your Dragon City Team