How often can we play the Heroic Race?

We usually have a Heroic Race every 3 to 4 weeks. It always starts on a Thursday and lasts 11 days.

At what time does the Heroic Race start?

Like any other Dragon City event, the Heroic Race always starts at 12 PM CET.

How do I claim the Heroic Race Reward?

Once the Heroic Race is over, restart your game app to receive your rewards. The claim pop-up should appear once you log in to your game.
If it doesn’t appear, you can claim your rewards directly from the Heroic Race Island or from the Heroic Race Results icon listed on the right side of your game screen.

But remember that, to be ELIGIBLE to earn ANY REWARDS, you must have at least REACHED LAP 5.

If you have made it to this lap, it means that you have QUALIFIED for the rewards, and depending on what position you reached at the end of the race (1st - 8th position), you will be able to claim your well-fought prizes!

How many Heroics will I receive if I reach lap 15?

Reaching lap 15 will reward you with 1 Heroic Dragon, not 2!

The purpose of reaching lap 15 is to definitively secure the Heroic Dragon, no matter what position you are in relation to your opponents. That’s why, even if you have reached lap 15 first, you won’t receive 2 Heroic Dragons!

Why aren’t my actions counted towards the tasks?

We use a POOL system in all these types of events.
Once this pool is full, you won’t be able earn any Event Points until the next pool starts.

Please consider that several attempts may also need to be made before your action is counted towards the completion of the task (Breeding, Hatching, Collecting Food or Gold).

How does the matchmaking work?

When matchmaking for Heroic Races, our algorithm sorts engaged players together.
This makes sure that the Event is fun and resembles an actual race, otherwise there may be players not competing at all, which would make the event less enjoyable.

I think I have a hacker in my Heroic Race!

Before accusing another player, consider that they may have saved up Gems to use in the Heroic Race, such as speeding up and skipping tasks, to complete each node faster.

However, if you feel that someone is hacking the game, please report it to our Customer Support.

You will be asked to provide the username of the player and the reason behind your suspicion.