Dear Dragon Masters,

We have some great improvements to announce to you today!

If you update your game, you will notice that the UI (or the display) of our Collection System has been reworked!

This means you can now easily check your Collection status (goals, progress, and claiming rewards) by accessing the Events tab on your main screen.

This should reduce any confusion regarding Collections!

Let us give you an example: I received a Chest during an event but I didn’t open it while the event was still running in-game. I decide to open this Chest later, and the event has unfortunately already finished. If the Chest contains an item related to a collection, that item won’t count anymore, and your collection will be incomplete.

Please bear in mind that these improvements are still in the beta stage, so they won't be available to everyone at the beginning. They will be made available to all of you soon, so stay tuned for more information!