What is this feature for?
Want to complete a collection or make your dragons stronger by Empowering them? The Missing Dragon Rescue gives you the chance to collect the dragon Orbs of your choice to Summon any missing dragons or Empower your favorites.

Which dragons can I choose to rescue?
During the beta version, only common dragons will be available. Other rarities will be added later on.

How often / How long will this feature run for?
The Missing Dragon Rescue is a permanent feature. You can start rescuing a dragon at any time. Once started, you have up to 1 week to complete it. If you complete it earlier, you can start another rescue straight away.

How do the yellow Keys work?
The Keys used in the Missing Dragon Rescue are a new, permanent resource. Your balance will remain after finishing a Dragon Rescue. Keys collected during live events will be added to your balance and will not expire.
  • Keys are used to:
    Start a Dragon Rescue: The amount needed varies depending on the dragon’s rarity.
  • Progress in the Dragon Rescue: If you are missing some keys, you may be allowed to use Gems instead.
Where can I find the Missing Dragon Rescue Keys?
The Keys can be found in temporary events or in the shop. They do not expire over time.

How does battle difficulty work?
The higher the dragon’s rarity, the harder the battles will be. Battle difficulty increases progressively along the nodes. Grow and strengthen your dragon collection… It’s time to strategize! Having a large variety of strong dragons will help you on the road to success!