A new way to experience Dragon City on PC is now available.*
It is the best way to experience Dragon City on your desktop and laptops as it includes:
  • Better graphics
  • Faster performance
  • All events and social features available

The new Microsoft version contains all the aspects and features available to our Dragon Masters who play on the mobile version, allowing you to play on your platform of choice, whenever and wherever you are.

* Requires version 17134.0 of Windows 10 or later and 300 MB memory

Saving game progress

To help you continue your adventure on the Microsoft Store version, you will be able to save your progress by linking your Dragon City account with your Facebook account.

If you are coming from the Facebook version of the game, this will have already been done for you automatically.

However, if you are coming from the iOS or Android version of Dragon City, please make sure you have logged in to your Facebook account from within the game if you wish to carry your progress over to the Microsoft Store version of the game.

Freebies Island

Reward Videos will work just as they do in the mobile version, providing rewards in the Freebies Island and other areas of the game.

Offerwall and tasks are not currently available on the Freebies Island right now but we're working on it.