What is the Dragon Rescue?
The Dragon Rescue is a time-limited event, where you battle in 6vs6 epic fights to rescue captured dragons and get amazing rewards.

How to Play the Dragon Rescue (strategy)?

Access the feature
When the Dragon Rescue is live, you can access it with its icon on the left of the screen, below the trophies icon.
Note you’ll have to be level 18 or more, and have at least 6 young or adult dragons to be able to enter it.

How to navigate in the Dragon Rescue
Several paths are available in the Dragon Rescue and you can navigate between them with a tap of a button, at the bottom right of the screen. Each of them has their own rewards and enemies, so try to complete all of them to get all the rewards you can!

Going to battle
A battle can only be entered if you completed the previous one.
Tap on an available battle (with the swords icon on it) to open the selection screen. There, you can use the rarity and elements filters to help you select the best fitted dragons for this fight.

Make sure you chose your fighters carefully, because after a battle each dragon that fought will be exhausted for a certain amount of time, and won’t be able to fight in this specific difficulty of the Dragon Rescue until they have recovered.

To help you make your choice, take a look at the bottom of the selection screen where you can see the enemies you’re going to face, their elements and how strong they are.

What is the best strategy

Unlike other battle modes, in the Dragon Rescue, it’s not always the best solution to select your strongest dragons!
Instead, try to select the dragons that are just strong enough to be victorious, so you keep your stronger dragons for the tougher battles.

Another hint for you: take a look at the order in which dragons are displayed in the selection screen, it will give you valuable information about the attack order and how to chose your dragons.

I got defeated, the battles are too difficult…

Don’t worry, perseverance is always rewarded! If you get defeated try this battle again, the opponents don’t recover their life between each attempt, meaning each unsuccessful attempt brings you closer to victory.

How to battle

Once you enter a battle, you’ll need to press the start button at the bottom of the screen to launch it.
Dragons automatically attack, one after the other. They’ll always try to select the best attack and opponent, but at any moment you can tap on an enemy to select it so all of your dragons target it instead.
Tap on this opponent again to deselect it.

Why are some enemies bigger?
If in the selection screen an opponent has a dark background and a red border on its avatar be extra cautious, this dragon is an experienced fighter and has extra life compared to its regular teammates! On the battlefield, such a powerful opponent is easy to identify: it is way bigger than a regular dragon and shows a boost icon next to its life bar.

What are Keys? How Do I find them?
While you progress on a path, you may encounter doors blocking the way.
Each door requires certain keys to be opened, and you’ll need to gather them in order to progress.

Don’t where to find them? Tap on the keys balance at the top left of the screen to open the keys sources, and know which events you need to play to claim them, like islands, tournaments, video ads or even the battleground itself.

Try to gather keys whenever you can, because a door won’t show you how many of them you need until you reach it.

Why are my Dragons on Cooldown? What does Exhausted Mean?
After a battle, a dragon is Exhausted. It doesn’t impact any other feature, but it means the dragon won’t be able to fight for a certain amount of time in this specific difficulty of the Dragon Rescue. However, you can still use it in the other difficulties.

Can I use my Warrior Dragons along with their special skills?
Yes you can. Warrior’s skills will be automatically used, like regular attacks.
And as in other battle modes, each skill will enter a cooldown of several turns before being available again.

Is the boost of the Winstance applied in the Dragon Rescue?
It is indeed! So use it to help you progress in the event.