Dear Community,

An evil force has caged little baby Dragons!

Deus will be asking all of the Dragon Masters to keep an eye out as they explore and unlock their islands for these little captives to help set them free, and maybe take care of them!
As you explore your islands, you will notice that a few poor caged baby dragons have popped up as obstacles. Then, the choice will be yours, Dragon Master!

Do you spend some gems to convince them to join your family? Or do you clear the obstacle with gold and allow them to rejoin their friends in the Dragonverse?

Whichever you choose will ensure that the dragons are once more free and that the plans of these evil forces are foiled once again!

*Not in-game footage!


What happens if I have already cleared the obstacles and unlocked my islands?! Will I still have the chance to save these Dragons or claim them for my collections?!

Yes, you will have the choice:
  • If you have placed a building on top of the location of the locked dragons, these ones will be "hidden". If, later on, you move one of the buildings and leave the spot free, the locked dragons will be displayed.
  • If the space is not covered by a building, they will be able to see the dragons.

That's all for now, Dragon Masters!

Have a great day and see you back on the islands!