Dear community,

Do you get stuck on what dragons to breed for special breeding events? Well, worry no more as we would like to introduce you to the NEW Breeding Event Island!

But first, we wanted to let you know that based on your feedback, we have also made changes on how we calculate and balance these special breeding combinations. Some breeding events will be harder than others depending on the rarity of the dragon, but it should now feel improved, balanced and more fun for all. :)

What is the Breeding Event Island?

This Island will be the hub for all the breeding events for the game. It will show you all the dragons available (via special combination) to claim in ONE place. Let’s say goodbye to some news pop-ups! :)

What are the Main functions?
  • The Island will show you if you already have the required dragons for the breeding! And, if not, it will clearly show you where to obtain them in game.
  • See clearly the names, elements and rarities for all of the dragons in the special breeding Combinations!
  • See the remaining time! You will easily know how long the events last for.
  • See what special breeding events are coming soon to the game to get ready

That’s all for now, Dragon Masters. Have fun breeding with ease! :)

See you back on the islands!