Dear community,

We hear you! Many of you have been asking for ways to get more food. We have been adding different ways, i.g. having Food temporary quests, more food as a reward, more food in the maze island paths, etc.

Deus and Gaia have been thinking about it and they’ve come up with an idea, a new place where to grow the yummy and crunchy tomatoes for our beloved Dragons!

Let’s welcome to Dragon City… The GREENHOUSE!
  • The Greenhouse is a new building that produces food per minute. Once it’s placed, and depending on your Level in the game, it constantly generates food.

    ** Please note for new players -> the building will be on the island!
  • This new building can be bought once (inside the building's store!) after it is unlocked at level X. It will be purchasable for Gold and please note that it cannot be sold or removed.
  • The Greenhouse building size will be like the Breeding Cave, 5x5!!
  • The Greenhouse will have 2 different food production states:
    • Low Capacity State → Building is producing food in low amounts
    • Full Capacity State → Building is producing more food than in low capacity
  • The Low Capacity state will be activated as soon as the greenhouse is placed on your island! A little more food for your Dragons!
  • For the FULL capacity state, you will have different options to activate it. Check your game now to find them out!

That’s all for now, Dragon Masters!

Keep writing your #DragonCityStory and see you back on the islands!