Gaia: Hey, Dragon Master!

The Tree of Life is now able to EMPOWER your dragons!

Use Orbs to Empower them, making them much stronger. They will also get a pretty amazing aura!

Each time you Empower a dragon, it will receive a Power Star. They can get up to 5 of these stars!
Check your dragon's info to see where you can get more Orbs. Now go and Empower as many dragons as you can!


What is Empower?

Empower releases the mystical essence of Dragons contained in Dragon Orbs in order to imbue a Dragon with greater power. Each time a Dragon is powered up, the Dragon gains a Power Star.


How do I Empower my Dragons?

You can Empower your Dragons through the Tree of Life. You will need a certain number of Orbs of the same Dragon type that you want to Empower. This number depends on the current Power Star you want to achieve.

Watch our Tutorial video HERE


What do I gain by Empowering my dragons?

A dragon gets many benefits from being Empowered.
  • For example, for each Power Star, the dragon gets a Battle Stat increase, to make it stronger in PvP and other battle features.
  • Also, when a Dragon has been Empowered, you can increase its level past level 40!  
Here is more information on what NEW dragon Levels you can reach with certain battle stars:

Empowered Stars
New Max Dragon Level
  • Finally, having Empowered Dragons means that you'll have access to completing special Collections that require Dragons at a certain Power.  The rewards for completing these collections are amazing! This is coming soon to the game! So stay tuned!

What are the Power Stars?

Any time a Dragon is Empowered, it gains a Star. More Power Stars mean a more powerful dragon, giving you benefits like the ones mentioned above.


What is the Max. Power?

The maximum number of stars dragons can reach is 5. This means you can empower a given dragon up to 5 times.


Which Dragons can I Empower?

You can Empower any dragon up as long as you have the required amount of Orbs of that type of dragon.

Simply, go to the Ready Tab to see which dragons are available to Empower!

(Please note: Dragons which are in the Dragonarium will not show here until placed in a Habitat.)

When can I Empower a Dragon?

You can Empower an adult dragon at any time, unless that Dragon is busy breeding, on a mission, in the training center, in the Dragonarium, etc. Note that you can only empower one dragon at a time. You cannot empower a non-adult dragon.


Which level is Empower available?

Currently this feature is available from level 23 on.


What happens to my Dragon Master Points when Empowering a dragon?

Dragons with Power stars will automatically give you more DMP!
Moreover, Empowered Dragons can reach a higher level which means they will be worth more DMP once you level them up!


What are the stars I see in with the dragons in my Social Profile?

As in the Dragonbook, your Social Profile now lists the dragons that have been Empowered.
Also, now you can also see other players' Empowered Dragons!

See you back on the Islands!

Video Sneak Peek: Recall & Empower!