Please see below our Top Safety Tips for when playing the Social Features in Dragon City.

Tip ONE: PROTECT your personal information!

You never know who you're truly speaking to online, so never share your personal information! Giving away your personal info - real name, address, phone numbers, photos or school - could lead to you being scammed, bullied or put in serious danger.

Tip TWO: KEEP your fellow Masters in Dragon City!

Do not meet up with someone you only know from the internet! People aren't always who they claim to be. If a Dragon Master asks you to meet with them in real life say "No, thanks!"  Ignore them and tell your parents or another trusted adult.


If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, threatening you, or pressuring you to do something you don't want to, ignore them and report them immediately by pressing the REPORT button, remember you can display this option by clicking on any message this player has posted. Or further more Report them via provide their player Name to the Support Team.


You have no control over your personal photos, videos + webcam images after you share them on the internet. Once an image is posted, it can never be removed, will be viewable by anyone and could be used to bully or blackmail you. Before you share a pic or video, ask yourself; are you comfortable with people you don't know viewing it?

Tip FIVE: STICK to the REAL Dragon City!

Websites that offer free Gems, Dragons ETC.. are often scams designed to steal your information. Never give them your player details or download files from these websites. They could be keyloggers or viruses!