Special Skills are new attacks that are available for Warrior Dragons! Most notably some dragons you can obtain in the Arenas.

The Warrior Dragons which were born with these skills currently in Dragon City are:

Arena Dragons:

Bjorn Dragon
Katsumoto Dragon
Lancelot Dragon
Fury Dragon
Mighty Mantis Dragon
Frostling Dragon
Ironscales Dragon
Warrior Chest Dragons:
Iced sea

You can obtain Warrior Dragons with Special Skills by;
  • Collecting orbs from Warriors Chests and summoning the Warrior Dragons
  • Being promoted in the arenas and obtaining Warrior Arena Dragons (Not all arena dragons will have these special skills.)

  • Collecting orbs for Warrior Dragons in selected special events
The skills will have special effects you have never seen before in Dragon City! Also they will bring to the game a new strategy when in battle!

This chart gives you an example of the Special Skills Effects and Attack Names. (This chart may change as we add more skills in to the game)

* Regular means that the dragon was born with this Special Skill
* Trained means that you must train this skill

Special Skills coming soon to Dragon City:  

The Special Skills will also have a noticeable flame around them to let you know that they are Special!

You will be able to see the Special Skill description and stats when pressing the “i” icon  in the following places:
    • DragonBook, dragons stats screen
    • Battle selection and swap screen
    • Directly in the battle screen
You will be able to see which of your dragons have Special Skills from this Icon:
You will be able to see the Special Skills Icon anywhere, where you can see your dragon and its information.

Example: In your storage. This means this dragon has Special Skills to use in battle :-)

What are you waiting for? Collect a Warrior Dragon by battling in the Arenas and become stronger than your opponents!

See you back on the islands!