Orbs contain the essence of all dragons in Dragon City and Dragonverse.  Orbs are very powerful and are used to summon dragons from the Summoning Altar.  

You will need to collect orbs for NEW Warrior Dragons and for other dragons you have longed for!

As opening the portal of another realm is very difficult you will need to obtain 100 orbs per dragon you wish to summon.

Each dragon has its unique type of orb. Orbs are also color coded depending on their rarity.

Orbs spread throughout Dragon City when the Tree of Life was growing.  To collect the almighty orbs you need to:
  • Defeat other dragons in the arena battles to obtain the Warriors Chests
  • Participate in selected special events
You will also be able to collect orbs another way soon, as Deus and Gaia figure out new and better ways to get more dragons into Dragon City" ;)