To summon Dragons you first need to collect their orbs! Each Dragon has its own unique type of orb.
Example: Star dragon will now have Star dragon orbs

To summon a Dragon:
  • TAP on the Tree of Life
  • TAP on the Summon Icon
In the summoning screen, you will be able to see how many orbs you have available and for what Dragons. It will also show you how many orbs you still need to collect to summon the dragon.
You can search for certain dragon orbs by:
  • Rarity
  • Element
  • Orbs for dragons you own
This will help you keep track of your orbs and your progress :-)

Once you have collected 100 orbs which contain enough power to open the portal to Dragonverse, you can summon a new dragon by:
  • Taping on orbs of the dragon you would like to summon
  • Tap the summon button on the altar of summoning!
Wow, you have a NEW dragon egg, you will need to place this egg in your hatchery to be able to summon any more dragons.