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To go to the Arena, Tap on either of: (*Remember that you need to be at least Level 11)
  • Battle VS icon
  • Trophy Icon
* This picture is an example.

Here you will be taken to the fight screen.

* This picture is an example.

Select your team, you can refer to your opponent's team to choose your dragons. If the opponent's team is too strong, you can change the opponent with our SKIP option. The cost to do change opponents changes depending on which Arena you are in.

Elemental attacks OR health are boosted in their respective Arena so choose your dragon carefully!

Arena RULES! - These are based on elements, rarities and levels. The Rules change from Arena to Arena. To see which Rule applies to the Arena you are currently in:

  • Look to the bottom left hand side of the screen.
  • You will see the RULES information.
  • When you choose your team only the dragons which are eligible to enter the battle will be shown for you to pick from.

Your dragons get tired after being defeated in the Arena battle: this means that they can have a cooldown to rest up! You can choose to skip the cooldown or sweat it out!

The FIGHT button will be inactive until all of the slots of your team have been filled with dragons that are ready for battle. This means the Dragons need to be eligible for the corresponding Arena (see Arena Rules section)

Now that you are ready for the Arena, let's go fight!