You gain Trophies by defeating your fellow Dragon Masters in the Arena battles. You need as many Trophies as you can get to climb the Arenas and Leaderboards to become the MASTER OF MASTERS!

You can see how many Trophies you have at any time from:
  • The Trophy Icon in your Main Islands below your game Level
  • In the PVP Arena

Trophies are won or lost either when you attack other players or when they attack you.

When another player has attacked you, you will see a pop up in your game. You will have Trophies added if you won the battle or deducted if you lost.

If you lose Trophies, this can also cause you to be demoted in your Arenas: Example; You were in the Flame Arena I, but lost some battles, you would be demoted to the Terra Arena II.

So KEEP training your dragons so they are the best!