To Climb the Arenas and the Leaderboards you need to collect Trophies.
  • Beginner
  • Terra: Terra I & Terra II
  • Flame: Flame I & Flame II
  • Sea: Sea I & Sea II
  • Nature: Nature I & Nature II
  • Electric: Electric i & Electric II & Electric III
You gain Trophies by defeating your fellow Dragon Masters in the Arena battles.

In the top 3 Arenas, trophies are reset every 3 weeks to give all players an equal shot at the MASTER OF MASTERS Title to win exclusive top Dragons, other great rewards and of course the glory! This means that every 3 weeks there will be a new MASTER OF MASTERS, so compete and win that highest honor!

* Pictures are taken from the Beta version. Number are not final and more Arenas might be added.