Hello, Dragon Master.

Welcome to the PVP Arenas!

Are you the one to claim the title of top Dragon Master in the world? Accept the challenge and prove your might!

Fight other real Dragon City players to climb the Arenas and Leaderboards to become the MASTER OF MASTERS! New Arenas, exclusive rewards & more Dragons with an exciting surprise to come,  will be waiting for you there!

First of all, please note that the Arenas are unlocked at Level 11.

Once you start this new adventure, you will automatically be placed in the appropriate Arena based on your Dragon Master Level and you will be given the rewards accordingly.

The Arenas are Element specific:

The Arenas are based on elements in the game, this means that if you use a dragon with the same element as the Arena you are currently in, you can gain advantages over your opponents such as health or damage boosts!  So choose your team wisely!