In order to ensure a fun and fair experience for all our Dragon Masters, we are constantly taking actions against those who take intentional steps to gain an unfair advantage over others.
Therefore, please ensure you carefully read the following and try your best to keep your Dragon City account safe. If you encounter any other players that you believe are involved in suspicious behavior, please make sure to report them to our Customer Support team:

Do not share your account information with anyone:
You and only you are responsible for any actions taken on the account you created. If you provide access to someone else, you will still be responsible for any actions they decide to take on your account.

Do not share your personal information with anyone:
Any personal information, whether relating to your real persona, contact info, or financial info should never be shared with anyone else in-game. Although we try our best to keep our players safe, preventing others from gaining access to this kind of information is highly recommended.

Do not use any third-party programs:
Third-party programs are tools that influence the normal gameplay by systematically or automatically controlling the game or individual game functions (i.e. they will automate the collecting of Food, Gold, and event items, or automate fights in Arenas and Leagues without requiring a real manual interaction from the player).

Dragon City does not allow or recommend the use of any third-party programs or tools. Their use is not only a direct infringement of our terms of service, as they create advantages beyond normal gameplay, but they can also corrupt your game irreversibly, making your account unusable.

We also recommend that you do not use Airplane Mode. Dragon City is an online game, thus the game is not designed for the use of Airplane Mode. Players regularly using Airplane Mode may experience technical issues or trigger a ban on their account, as a result of this suspicious activity.

Do not cheat:
Any action that will provide an unintended bonus to a player, outside of the standard in-game mechanics and purchases, will be considered cheating, whether via the use of a third-party tool or otherwise. Knowingly exploiting bugs, refund abuse, encouraging others to break the rules or impersonating Social Point staff are just a few examples of conduct that would be considered an offense.
Any identified bugs or errors should be reported immediately to our Customer Support.

Do not purchase or sell accounts:
According to our terms of service, accounts are personal and non transferable. Any attempt to sell or trade account ownership is forbidden.

Be respectful to others:
Dragon City is first and foremost a game. Be respectful to others and don’t take things too seriously. Let’s have fun together and try to give each other a helping hand.

The above are our core guidelines, and infringing on any of the above will lead to an investigation of the accounts involved and possibly a ban. Accounts will be investigated on a case by case basis and penalties involved will depend on the severity of the behavior.

If you see anyone in your game that could possibly be infringing on any of the above, please make sure to report their actions (along with any useful proof you can provide) to a member of our Customer Support team.

We hope that this will help make Dragon City an enjoyable place to relax with your Dragons and promote a fair environment where everyone can have fun.

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