Dear Dragon Landers,

My name is Sharon and I lead our family of Dragon Land makers here at Social Point.

I want to say a big thank you to all of you for playing Dragon Land.  We are so glad that you love it as much as we do!

I would like to take this opportunity of talking to you to let you know about some upcoming changes that you will be seeing in our game.  

As you know the main objective of Dragon Land is to complete all of the challenging and fun levels inside the Campaign mode.  You will see in our next version we have removed some of the additional items in the game that we felt were adding confusion and were detracting from the core of our game.  

Now it should be clearer that the fun in our game comes from killing the enemies, collecting the coins, defeating the bosses and ultimately make it all the way through the Campaign.  Good luck!

In order to reach the end you will need Gems & Coins to unlock the levels and to upgrade your dragons.  Don´t forget that you can get Gems by playing the QuickPlay mode.  In addition,  to help you along the way we are also giving away FREE GIFTS every four hours - so remember to log back in three times per day to collect those!

On another note, if you have had issues making payments in the game recently I sincerely apologise.  We have released a fix for this in our next version, so please do try again.

Finally, you may notice some other changes in the game over the next few weeks as we respond to your feedback.  We love hearing your thoughts and suggestions so please do keep them coming!

Thanks again for playing our game and being part of our Dragon family.

See you in the game, Sharon.