Sometimes when you go to watch videos you may receive an error message or the video does not load.

Unfortunately, we are not in control of the video advertising in the game, they are supplied by a third party company.

Why does this happen?
It all depends on the availability of videos that the company might have at the moment.

It also depends on the country you are in, the number of videos that you have not seen yet AND your internet connection (so try and make sure you are on a stable WIFI network).  

We will continue to work together with them in order to improve the feature and deliver the best experience for you. 

You can, however, email them directly via the email below and help us make this feature work better:

Send them your: 

  • Game name
  • Game User ID
  • Location
  • ScreenShot of the no Video Issue
  • Explain how many videos you watched previously
  • Anything else you think might help