We are sorry to hear that you have had this issue.

The game is actually connected to the Game Centre. 

Why not trying to log into the Game Centre that has the correct version of the game you want?

Make sure you don't have the game running in the background first by doing the following:

1.Close the App.
2 Double click the Home button.
3. Move side to side until you find the process you wish to close (if you have crashes/connection issues we recommend to close all of them).
4. Swipe the process upwards to close it.
5. Open the App again.

Then Sign Out of Game Centre:
1. Open Settings app.
2. Scroll down and find “Game Centre”. (under iTunes you in the main apps. NOT all the stuff you got later)
3. Tap on Apple ID. (You'll see you Apple ID "email" up top)
4. Press the Sign Out button.

Sign back into the Game Centre in using your Apple ID and connect your Game Centre account back to your game, after the game tutorial you should get a pop-up asking which game you would like to play, this new one on the device or the old game saved to the cloud. 

If this doesn't work and you do not get your old game back, please contact our support team here.