When Aquatorum was just a small fry, his parents accidentally left him behind on a family vacation to the Sea Palace. But Aquatorum didn’t mind—in fact, he was downright elated! All he’d ever wanted was to grow up and join the Sea Old Guard. So he wrote a letter to his parents (sent by sea-mail, of course) telling them that since they couldn’t be bothered to bring him home, he couldn’t be bothered to return. Instead, he’d just get a head start on his glorious career!

Aquatorum was the youngest, smallest, and most eager applicant the Sea Old Guard had ever had. Queen Thalassa was far too kind to just toss the little fish out on his back tail, so she agreed to let him live and train alongside her soldiers as a trainee and assistant until he got big enough to fight.

Due to this rigorous upbringing, Aquatorum got big enough to fight in a hurry. In fact, he grew so much and so fast that he became the biggest, toughest-looking member of the Sea Old Guard! Queen Thalassa was as proud as any parent when he finally took his oath and was sworn in as an official member.

Aquatorum is a Fire and Metal Attacker with Control Immunity and Water Protection skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Controls
Rank 1: Water Protection
Rank 3: Status Caster - Applies Drowned to all enemies on its first turn