Known as the Wings of Enkidu, Isetis was the Free Reigns Ancestor’s principal champion. She tore across the battlefield at screamingly high speeds, sending opponents flying in all directions and ripping them apart. Vicious and vengeful, Isetis took special pleasure in dismembering her victims, since members from the rival Reigns had once done the same to her mate Osirous.

When Enkidu formally united the Reigns instead of destroying the enemy nations, Isetis felt deeply betrayed. Despite their devotion to Enkidu, Isetis and Osirous both left his service and built a life far away from others.

After decades of isolation, however, Isetis’ fury grew cold. She and Osirous eventually attended Enkidu’s tomb sealing with their heads bowed in regret. It was too little after so long, and too late to apologize to their friend.

But it was still possible to atone for abandoning Enkidu, so Isetis and Osirous declared themselves eternal guardians of his tomb. They were not there for him in life, but they would protect him forever after, not moving again unless he did.

With nothing to do but wait, Isetis and Osirous became as still as statues. They became buried in the sands and forgotten along with Enkidu, but never once did they even blink, sworn to remain silent and unmoving until the day of Enkidu’s Untombing.

Now that day has come, and Isetis must decide whether her new path forward will be forged in rage or in balance.

Isetis is a Dark and Magic Attacker with Random Torture, Nightmares, Blind, Daze, and Anticipation skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Anticipation
Rank 1: True Vision
Rank 3: Status Caster - Applies a random Torture to all enemies on its first turn