Osirous was a high-ranking soldier in Enkidu’s army who, after being captured in a raid on the enemy’s headquarters, was brutally killed. His body was torn into pieces and scattered throughout the Free Reigns as an insult to Enkidu.

Isetis, Osirous’ mate and another one of Enkidu’s top commanders, was so enraged by this insult that she swore to track down every last scrap of Osirous and rebuild him into a better, stronger warrior. Binding her mate’s ravaged body with powerful Dark magic, Isetis managed to restore Osirous to life and turned him into a living weapon for the glory of Enkidu.

But Enkidu’s decision to unite with enemy factions and create the Free Reigns infuriated Osirous and Isetis both, so they left Enkidu’s service and moved far into the desert where they would never have to take part in this objectionable unified society, living cheek to cheek with the monsters who had wanted to kill them. But when Enkidu died, Osirous felt terrible shame for having abandoned his cause, so he and Isetis decided to devote themselves to guarding Enkidu’s tomb.

Every grain of sand that landed on Osirous felt like a benediction, as if only being buried forever alongside Enkidu and utterly forgotten would erase his shame. He hoped that the dunes would swallow all three of them for eternity. But as the records show, Enkidu did emerge from his tomb eventually, and Osirous was forced to confront the realities of life again.

Osirous is a Dark and Light Support with Resurrection and Healing skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Hardened
Rank 1: Immune to Sudden Death
Rank 3: Status Caster - Applies Life Regeneration to all allies on its first turn