Now it’s easier (and more satisfying) than ever to carve your way through a Monster Legends battlefield! Thanks to your feedback and lots of testing at Ingenica Labs, we’ve made the following improvements to our combat system:

  • Resurrection Block now affects all Resurrection effects, including those gained from Relics! No more annoying second (or third, or fourth) chances at life!


  • Status Casters’ special abilities will now trigger at the start of their first turn, NOT at the start of the battle itself. Better keep an eye on your Speed stats…


  • Area Dodge is no longer an infinite resource (or irritation). Here's how it works now, depending on whether it's a skill or a trait:
    • Skill or Status Caster effect: Area Dodge will remain active for a specific number of attacks, then be used up for the rest of the battle.
    • Trait: Area Dodge will remain active for a specific number of attacks, then become disabled and recharge. Once the cooldown period has finished, you’ll be able to use it again.



Hey, Monster Masters! In our eternal quest to bring you the very best experience possible, we've refined the new combat system to include the following additional improvements:

  • From now on, Status Caster attacks like Tortures and other debuffs will bypass Area Dodge. We’ve tweaked this to prevent certain monsters from immediately eliminating Area Dodge effects at the start of battle.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that allowed some over-eager Ancestors to charge too quickly by absorbing bonuses that aren’t meant for them. This should even the battlefield a bit!

Finally, take note that these fixes won’t be available until you update your game. If you choose not to update, then your Ancestors eventually won’t be able to use their Awakened skills, so make sure you update the game as soon as you can!