The Books in the magnificent Monster Library, lovingly curated by The Keeper, hold the records of all of Monster Legends' History. However, due to the chaotic events of the Multiverse Era, part of these records have been erased from our timeline: Some of the Books have blanks in them, some parts are not readable,... Bending realities has consequences after all!


We can't let this happen, Monster Master! This is our 10th Mythic Era, but also the one that holds the 10th Anniversary of Monster Legends, so the best thing we can do is gather together to celebrate and assist The Keeper in achieving his goal! He is calling in representatives of all factions to put the missing bits of History back together. Are you ready to help him?


Historical Mythics

We are about to revisit some key chapters in the History of Monster Legends, so this is our chance to meet some Mythic monsters that you may not know but were very important in making this universe what it is today! Historical Mythics are the strongest to date. Demigods, citizens, space explorers, magicians, and many, many more are about to make their entrance in your corner of the game!


New rank-up material: Primordium

If we’re going to rewrite History, we’ll have to make sure it doesn’t get erased again, so we’re using a magical ink called Primordium, which will also become this Era’s rank-up resource. 


You can use Primordium to rank up all generations of Mythic monsters, but remember that Historical Mythics will only accept Primordium to be ranked up. And just a reminder that Glitcherine will now only rank up Multiverse monsters.


AncestorsWe’re going to meet not 3, not 4, but SIX new Ancestors this Era! We’re not telling you about all of them just yet, but we’ll give you a teaser: the first one is called Enkidu the Untombed, from the Free Reigns faction!


— — — — 


A new Era also sounds like the right time to introduce some changes that will improve your experience. Let’s go through them one by one:


Battle Improvements

Now it’s easier (and more satisfying) than ever to carve your way through a Monster Legends battlefield! Thanks to your feedback and lots of testing at Ingenica Labs, we’ve made the following improvements to our combat system:

  • Resurrection Block now affects all Resurrection effects, including those gained from Relics! No more annoying second (or third, or fourth) chances at life!

  • Status Casters’ special abilities will now trigger at the start of their first turn, NOT at the start of the battle itself. This way, there won’t be so much confusion and so many things happening at the same time before you even get the chance to start!

  • Area Dodge is no longer an infinite resource (or irritation). Here's how it works now, depending on whether it's a skill or a trait:

    • Skill or Status Caster effect: Area Dodge will remain active for a specific number of attacks, then be used up for the rest of the battle.

    • Trait: Area Dodge will remain active for a specific number of attacks, then become disabled and recharge. Once the cooldown period has finished, it will become active again.


Team Wars

Team Wars are looking promising this Era!

  • Requirements will be element-based instead of faction-based, as it had been for the last Eras. That’s more choice of monsters when facing a war!

  • Like in every new Era, war rewards have been updated to become more relevant to you and your monsters.

  • There will be newer monsters in the Shop. go check them out!


Dungeon Update

Up until now, there were 3 new Dungeons released with every Ancestor. This has changed for you to have a less grindy experience but without losing any of the rewards that were available to you. Curious? Keep reading!


We bid farewell to the Ancestor’s Cavern of Ascension and the Ancestral Dungeon. 


So where do all those rewards go? To a brand new format of Era Saga! This new Saga that used to have 3 difficulties, all of them the same but increasingly harder, will now have 2 modes:

  • The Story Mode is the Era Saga as you know it, with exciting cutscenes that will reveal the story of the Era. You’ll need three monsters of the Season’s Ancestor’s faction but not necessarily the Ancestor himself.


In this mode, you’ll be able to obtain the following rewards: 

  • Baby Ancestor Avatar

  • Adult Ancestor Avatar

  • Animated Ancestor Avatar

  • Faction Avatar

  • Faction Frame

  • Bronze Relic Chests

Available only for a limited time after the Saga is released:

  • Gems


  • The Challenge Mode is where things get harder but also most rewarding! You’ll need to bring the Season’s Ancestor if you want to step in and grab these amazing rewards:

    • Silver and Gold Relic Chests

    • Special Ancestor Avatar

    • Ancestor Relic Chests

    • Gems

    • Ancestor Cells

Available only for a limited time after the Saga is released:

  • Gems

  • Primordium

  • Ancestor Cells 


This renewed Era Saga will be made available to you on the second week of the Season, as it was with the previous format of Era Saga.


— — — — 


That’s all you need to know for now, but just let us remind you: This is Era 10 and our 10th Anniversary is coming in just a couple of months. We’re going to have a BIG celebration. Don’t miss out! 


Let’s make History together!


Starting date: 26-April-2024