Blankuchi is sometimes seen floating through Onikapa’s swamp. It doesn’t really talk or make any noises, but monsters who have stood close to Blankuchi report that the creature is always accompanied by an otherworldly humming. It’s slightly off-key and extremely eerie.

What’s even spookier is that Blankuchi doesn’t seem to see other monsters when they meet. It just floats steadily, silently, almost as if it’s being controlled by remote, only reacting to threats of immediate violence (which it’s very good at squashing). But no one’s ever detected electricity, magic, or anything else coming off Blankuchi that would expose who might be controlling it, or even if it’s being controlled in the first place.

Onikapa is the only monster who knows what Blankuchi really is, but he won’t tell anyone. This isn't Onikapa being playful, though—he genuinely doesn’t want other monsters to know what Blankuchi is or where he comes from. What could these two be hiding, and what could it have to do with Blankuchi’s silent patrol of the swamps?

Blankuchi is a Light and Metal Support with Total Blind and Evasion skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: True Vision
Rank 1: Immun to Possession
Rank 3: Status Caster - Applies Sunburn to all enemies at the start of the battle